Gelée&jam Sending the freshness of fruits to your home

Gelée We use the fresh fruits that are harvested in Nagano area to make our gelées. Our gelées are all processed by hands and covered with low-sugared-jelly. We let the fruits matured in the jar's and the fruits become rich and full-flavored. Please cool gelées before you eat.

jam Our jams are naturally processed so that you can really enjoy its flavor of the fruits. We offer two different sugar content of jams: sugar content 30brix and sugar content 40brix.

The farmers To make our products, we use the fruits that farmers grow with efforts, and we ensure that we provide our products from the healthiest and safest produce to our customers.

Peaches (Kawanakajima Hakuto/Ougonto)

Kaze to Midori no Kai: There are vast peach farms in Kawanakajima, Nagano City. However, the farmers have cut down the trees that bear valuable fruits because of the serious problem of decline of successors. Kaze to Midori no Kai was founded to keep up the image of the branded fruits in Kawanakajima by the people after their retirement. They look after the peach farms for the farmers who cannot continue their work since they get too old. The farmers of Kaze to Midori no Kai grow their peaches in proper care, and their peaches are set a high valuation in the market every year. They insure quality of their produce for our peach jams and peach gelées even at their busiest season of harvest. We use irregular size of peaches that are fully ripened and very sweet, and we process them to make our Hakuto gelées and Hakuto jams.

Apples(Kogyoku/Shinano Gold)

Harada Farm:The main ingredient of our Kogyoku jams, Kogyoku gelées, and Kogyoku and Kyoho-raisin confitures are the apples that are grown in Okada, Shinonoi in the west of Nagano City. The area is located at the foot of the mountain:Chausuyama that has rich soil, and its slope makes ground well drained. The conditions are perfect for growing fruits. The farmers grow Kogyoku apples, which is a valuable kind nowadays, with efforts. The farmers have love for their apples and grow it organically with much care. A former Prime Minister loved their apples as well. They make sure that the apples are fully ripened on the trees and harvest them at their peak to make our products.


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